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Frequencies and information for those who have an interest in radio scanners and other multi-band recievers, amateur radio, shortwave radio, antennas and radio electronics, pertaining to the Jefferson County and the Northern New York (NY) region.


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For the most updated frequencies see our entry on the Jefferson County wiki at this link.

 North Country Top 100 frequencies and quick reference manual, created by Scannerman



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PLEASE NOTE: Most of the items below are, for the most part, out-of-date and some of the info is now incorrect.


    North Country Frequencies and Info - - These frequencies, unit numbers, codes, and radio-related info is specifically for the Jefferson County and North Country area which includes the Watertown, Fort Drum, and the Thousand Islands region of New York state. You can also pick individual categories below:

    Amateur Radio
    Armed Forces
    Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
    NOAA Weather (NWS)
    Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Security Guards

    North Country Frequency Manual - - This manual has relevant notes pertaining to the Jefferson County/North Country area of New York state, including police & fire codes and designators. This manual also general tips, hints, tricks, frequency bands and help for all aspects concerning scanners, shortwaves, multi-band radio receivers, and other radio equipment as well as some electronics help.
    General Purpose Frequencies - - This page contains lists of common general purpose frequencies like those used in business radios, cordless, marine, weather, CB, walkie talkies, etc.
    Sample Local Freqs - - This is a list of some sample freqs for the Northern New York area. Many of these are the most used and busiest frequencies locally. You can punch these right into your scanner and be in on the listening immediately. Made for a 200 channel scanner but can be used for any. The ones I listen to the most!
    Scanner Radio Web Board Chat - - Read and reply to messages from other radio scannists. Frequency discussions, for sales, trades, radio discussions of any kind.
    New Stuff Page - - This is where I put the new, changed, or updated frequencies and radio info that I receive. Get sick of checking my pages over for new additions? Just look here instead!
    Scanner/Radio Chat - - Go here for real-time chat about scanning and radio, right from your browser (must be Java compatible). Get your friends to come too, maybe we can even set up a time for a bunch of us to get together.
    NNY-Scan Mailing List - Northern NY Scanner mailing list.


    New York State and Miscellaneous Frequencies - - These frequencies are for the Jefferson County/North Country area of New York State as well as other parts of the Empire State, the United States, and the world. Many, many of these are now out of date, since I try to concentrate primarily on Jefferson County. These are no longer updated.
    Andy Van Duyne's St. Lawrence County Frequencies - - Assorted frequencies and info for St. Lawrence County.
    Utica/Rome/Oneida County freqs.
    World Band Radio Frequencies - - From webpage of U.S.A. Freedom Coalition & Compliments of Glenn Hauser and C Crane Company.
    Shortwave Frequencies - - Many are out of date, not updated for quite some time.
    Federal Frequencies - - Federal Frequencies for all parts of the country, many which can't be found elsewhere. The list can also be downloaded from this page in ZIPPED form with both a dBase and comma-delimited file. Some may be out of date.

    FM94.ZIP - - This is a ZIP file of all of the above (except for the Federal Frequencies - go to the Fed page to download those), but I am no longer updating this so it is sadly out of date. It includes a list of all of the frequencies for New York state, a list for the local area only, shortwave, the frequency manual, and a list of sample local freqs of the most use. This file was originally uploaded to some local BBSes in this area. I will no longer be updating this file, you can easily download the frequencies to your own computer by using your browser's SAVE functions or CUT N' PASTE (that's why I don't use tables).

    Search the FCC's Radio Database - - You can search the FCC's own datbase by frequency, area, longitude/latitude, service, etc.
    Search Percon's Frequency Database - - You can search Percon Corp's FCC frequency database right from here.
    Satellite Tracking - - Info on how to track satellites for radio reception or visual sightings. Concentrates on the MIR Space Station and the shuttle but with information of relavance for any satellites.
    Scanner law for New York state - - Todd L. Sherman's site, a must read! Use your Browser's BACK button (or equivalant) to return to here.
    Scanner/Radar Detector Laws by State [and some other countries] - - Todd L. Sherman's site, find out if it's legal where you live! Use your Browser's BACK button (or equivalant) to return to here.
    Electronics Communications Privacy Act - - Via the Electronic Frontier Foundation's website. Use your Browser's BACK button (or equivalant) to return to here.

    Hot Graphic Some Other Sites To Visit - Links to Radio, Scanner, Computer, Electronic,
    Northern New York (not radio-related), Miscellaneous, Mailing Lists, and local BBS numbers.

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